Craniosacral Therapy

Attending an annual house party of chosen family this past Christmas eve ran into a close friend who was nine months pregnant. She was due in 4 days and dis-comfort had set in. In conversation was called to drop to one knee, resting my elbow and my leg and hand elevated to my friend’s belly to relieve the pressure the child brought onto the mother’s back and shoulders. At this point, I offered to provide a Christmas day session.

The following day my friend/client arrived and appeared much more relaxed than in discussion the previous evening. The mini craniosacral session provided the previous evening had decreased some of her lower back and shoulder dis-comfort and soften the body’s nervous system to allow her to be more relaxed and sleep comfortably.

That day’s session not only helped to eliminate dis-comfort in the low back, abdomen, and shoulders, assist to relax my client further into a state of bliss and the opportunity to work with mom and babe. At the midway mark in the treatment, I checked in with mom to see how she felt the baby was doing. Almost instantly there was a push from baby into the hand and mom acknowledged letting me know that baby could speak for herself. Baby was active but in a very comforting way. The last several years has worked with elderly clients until they’re passing this opened a new door towards working with a child soon to enter the work with new eyes and fresh approach to life and it’s meaning.

Follow up Session

Entering the new year, a follow-up session was planned, this time with mom and babe. Mom starting out with tea to settle in babe lay on a blue velvet captain chair immersed within a day at the beach vacation from the snow day that visited Victoria. Bringing one hand ever so delicately to the padded onesie sacrum and the other to the back of the head within minutes a subtle shift and babe was asleep. Her system so fluid, so present, so free of the stories of life, trauma, and injury a body may endure through life’s twists and turns.

Transferring to mom, babe lay so still and comfortable, asleep and smiling along the abdomen and chest touched into mom with a pietà hold (back of her knee and shoulder). After moving to the head and neck with the signs of comfort setting in checked with mom, she asked what felt different.

I had to think for a moment and was at a loss of words. At first, I thought a sense of pressure had shifted, released, a band no longer present but these words just did not describe what I was feeling.

Moving back to the side of the table touch into mom’s low back and then hand along babes back and made the connection of the sensation that had changed. Immediately on contact, the pattern was back. Mom and babe had a connection that had no words, it was dynamic fluid motion and became present within the session as hands contacted the back of mom and babe creating a fluid dynamic union of energy.

Humbling experience

This moment gave me a humbling to open myself not only to the service of our elders but to the children entering this world. Helping to not only let go of patterning and trauma at the time of our death but upon birth. We have so much in life to be thankful for, being present for others is a gift that has no price tag and am grateful for each day we wake to be able to help make a difference.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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