Loosen Muscles / Alleviate Pain

“What aches and pains are troubling you?” asked Shawn Matyczuk, my masseur. We were sitting in his studio at Ocean Tides Health Collective in Victoria, BC on a cold December day.

“A vice between my pillow and mattress has got my neck in a bind,” I replied, as I rubbed my shoulder. Shawn smiled and assured me he would focus on the problem during our session. His studio was soothingly lighted with blue LEDS and decorated with starfish and shells and a surfboard propped up in the corner — an inviting retreat from a sometimes chaotic world.

He left me alone to disrobe and climb under blankets on a heated massage table. Laying face-down with my head in a padded donut, I noticed Brazilian chill music was playing on the stereo. I felt like I was on a tropical island. Shawn then returned and began to work his magic.

I tried to maintain my composure as he massaged. He focused on obstructions in my back and neck, according to the stresses I had described, then my arms and legs. He was thorough.

Kneading bread dough is not the correct metaphor for what my masseur did to my muscles that afternoon. More like a river eroding bedrock in its path — the indefatigable force of water — except instead of taking eons he only took an hour. And after it was done, my body felt like a smooth riverbed. He had ground out all my knots and twists, turned them into an alluvial paste. And I walked out of that studio with gracile fluidity and a renewed spring in my step.

Shawn Matyczuk is an exceptional caregiver with very high standards. He has a reputation for going that extra mile for his patients, above and beyond the call of duty. He genuinely cares.

I would recommend his massages to anyone who wants the feel that flow through their muscles again. Life has been tough lately, for most of us. Shawn has just the remedy for that.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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